World Class

World Class

Barrington Judo continues to train with the best coaches and competitors in the world.

o   Aleksei Budolin.  Olympic Bronze medalist, World Silver medalist, World Bronze medalist, National Team coach for Estonia.  More than 50 other International medals.

o   Ole Bischof. Olympic Champion, Olympic Silver medalist, World Bronze medalist.  More than 30 other International medals.

o   Andreas Toelzer.  Olympic Bronze medalist, 3-time World medalist. More than 50 other International medals.

o   Shintaro Nakano.  All Japan Industrial Champion.  US Open Champion.  Competition coach for San Jose State Univ., and coach to US Olympic & World Medalist, Marti Malloy.

o   Nick Kossor. 2-time US National Champion, 7-time US National medalist.  Pan-Am medalist. 3-time World Cup medalist.

o   Sebastian Seidl.  German National Champion, 3-time World Cup medalist.

o   Philip Graf.  German National Champion, European Jr Champion.

o   Katie Sell. 3-time US National Champion, 8-time US National medalist, 5-time World Cup medalist.

o   Toni Lettner (Barrington Coach). German National Champion, 8-time World Cup medalist.